beat on the brat with a baseball bat


anti-gay violence is increasing. it shot up drastically in the second half of 2003 and continued to rise, though by a much smaller margin, throughout 2004. i do not like the sound of this. the national gay and lesbian task force says the increase in violence coincided with the increase in anti-gay rhetoric by politicians after the texas sodomy law was struck down by the supreme court, and gay marriage was becoming a reality (both happened mid 2003). craig saw this documentary on karl rove the other day and basically it pointed out that the man has brought the gay issue into every campaign he’s ever been in charge of. is he single handedly responsible for an increase in anti-gay violence? no. does he add fuel to the fire? undeniably.

men, every day i see more signs that we are going to need to make the gay army concept a reality. i wish i was the guy with all the answers. the one who would know how to organize everyone and what to do. that’s not exactly my specialty. if no one can step up as a leader, i may be forced to do so. but someone taller, bigger, and better looking would probably be better both for the media and for membership.
i need you all to be prepared. work out. get some sort of combat training (i strongly recommend krav maga). find like minded-men. be aware. don’t be a victim. fight back. if one out of every 2 or 3 people who decides to pick a fight with a gay guy just to gay-bash him gets his ass kicked, an epidemic like this can end very easily. we just need to make the idiots think twice.


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