leaky shins


not one but two of my fellow kickboxing cronies have had awful soft tissue injuries to their shins since boot camp started long sparring days. i have ceased attending since i am without health insurance. which brings up the real point here. why isn’t there a third party who i can turn to for explanation and help in choosing medical insurance. there are thousands of self-employed yokels like me in the bay area. if we each paid someone who had no particular insurance affiliations $100 to help us pick the right insurance for us, that person could easily make a living and i would feel good knowing i got the right kind of coverage for a price i can afford. every time i try to shop for insurance though, i just get paralyzed. the companies intentionally put all the information in insurance industry standard language. that makes it easy FOR them to compare the plans to each other, but leaves us normal people in the dark. is there some mystical tool for translating insurance speak into regular language? is there some person out there who can translate it for me?

i assume insurance agents do this sort of translation, but agents are paid by the insurance companies, and i don’t trust them to make the best choice for me. they’ll most likely make the choice that gets them the most money. HELP. i’d like to resume sparring.


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