say it ain’t so


last night weezer played in town. of course since it provided me with the opportunity to catch up with good pal karl and see the boys, i hopped on down to the warfield to chill with pals, meet new people and see the show. you probably have very little interest in hearing about me and karl catching up, or about pat wilson’s new baby, or about the other neil young. you just care about the show. here’s some thoughts.

first, they played a ton of songs off pinkerton (except for el scorcho) and the green album, it wasn’t just the blue stuff and the new stuff. the first song they played off the new album was called such a pity. it was this sort of electro dancy tune that was very revealing about the new album. the new joint is not about the rock, or about catchy tunes. it’s more “mature” music. not mature like john maier boring. just mature like not about youth exuberance anymore. beverly hills was the only track off the new album that was upbeat. but it was flat and repetitive. about a 1/3 of the way into the set, they played say it ain’t so and jonas back to back. playing their two biggest sing alongs together that early in the set seemed like a waste to me. as usual the crowd went NUTZ for say it ain’t so. i can’t blame ’em.

haunt you every day was my favorite track of the new joint. i can’t really say why. maybe just because it seemed to represent the best of what weezer means to me while still letting them grow into whatever it is they’re heading towards. but pardon me was a total surprise hit. it starts really slow and boring and then slowly warms up by adding harmonies one by one. by the end it sounds like the beach boys or the mamas and papas. it’s very early seventies like that. alot of those songs started simply and ended richly. finally they ended the set with undone. which of course made everyone crazy happy, guaranteeing they left with a smile on their face.

because the warfield is such an intimate venue, i actually got to SEE the band perform, not just hear them. actually that was kinda sad. rivers has all the stage presence of a nervous 8th grader in his first school play. scott, the new bassist, was trying his best to rock out, but there’s only so much you can do as a bassist. brian the guitarist is very very busy, so there’s only so much rockin he can do, and poor pat is stuck behind the drum kit. this leaves responsibility for livening things up to rivers, a responsibility which he obviously is not comfortable with. oh rivers, if only you weren’t an anti social, shy nerd.

go see the show, tell me what you think.


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  1. 1 Sea_los

    Yeah… the Warfield rocks. I saw the Lords of Acid and My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult there about 8 years ago. It was the Sextacy Ball…. truly an amazing place to see a band.


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