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it’s not just the u.s. government that has been following the nazi playback. arch-conservative and xenophobic organizations are using the same tactics as the nazis as they were coming to power. craig was shocked to discover this additional fact he wrote a little expose for us. Advertisements



just after we learned about them last week, cha xiu bao tells us all about pan fried soup buns on his blog this week, including the two best places to get them in shanghai. any recommendations for places i might score some in sf? anyone? anyone?

my friends seem to be havin good weeks. hope you’re in the club too. dwight fell in love with and bought the motorcycle of my, and now his, dreams. cheri sold some pieces, was asked to show at a few more stores, and is on her way to show at a sale in LA. jocko […]

sleight of hand


hey remember a few weeks ago when some poor flight instructor and his student were dinking around in their little cessna around the capital and two air force jets grounded them? of course you do! know what else happened, suspiciously at the exact same time? no? well i didn’t either until i was talkin to […]

sometimes, and i know it’s hard to believe, companies aren’t assholes. orange, which is a cellular carrier in europe, are constantly rated the highest in customer service by j.d.powers and all those type of folks. i know it’s hard to believe when you live in the US, but carriers over in europe generally care about […]

eating china


another delicious photo tour of eating your way through china. check out the pan fried soup buns. how come none of our shangainese restaurants make them this way?

he’s at it again. orson scott card has issued another completely ignorant statement (he previously wrote a scathing anti-gay-marriage essay). this time it’s about the whole guantanamo / quran / riots thing. people, if you haven’t already heard, the newsweek story was not a lie. both the fbi and the red cross have confirmed that […]