running shoes, shuffle, buck and a quarter


the weather widget said it was supposed to shower today. i woke up and it was crazy bright outside. definitely not rain weather. i took mac to the park and looked out at the ocean – it was a little cloudy, but the sun would burn that off. after an hour to hydrate and what not, i put the running shoes on, grabbed the shuffle and headed west. the original plan was to run to park presidio drive and back, since i could go all the way through the park and take advantage of no-car-sundays.

about 1/2 way there my lower back spasmed, as it’s been known to do lately on runs. i sopped, stretched it out and walked it off. by the time i had hit my stride again i was a little too close to park presidio to turn around already. so i chose option 2. there was enough money in my pocket to get me home on the bus if i ran all the way to the ocean instead. it was looking better and better out that way with every passing moment, so i said what the hell, hopped on the unpaved running trail, and found a nice stride all the way down to the beach. boy am i glad i did that.

the beach was beautiful this morning. just incredible. i cannot think of more soul soothing sights, sounds, colors, smells than the pacific ocean. the blues, the greens, the color of the sand, the west coast sun. birds, dogs, surfers, couples. it’s too early in the year for the beach to be over run by tons of families and kids and squaking noises. i turned down the music so i could hear the surf over the sounds of the ipod. i saw a hot surfer dude do a little jig and he and his buddy walked down to the next break. i watched snowy plovers timidly shuffle in the receding surf. and all the while my phone, my computer, and everything that attaches me to the digital world was 5 miles away. where it couldn’t bother me. where i couldn’t reach for it out of manufactured boredom. and i was happy.


One Response to “running shoes, shuffle, buck and a quarter”

  1. 1 Johnny

    One of my favorite things when I lived in SF was the run to the ocean. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that. You almost want to like dip a toe in or something: here I am, at the ocean. I’m at the End. Nowhere to go but turn around. Maybe if you’re from CA i doesn’t pack the same punch but when you’re from the flatlands it’s kind of a big deal.

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