you have a little friend


on the air was a very obscure tv series created by david lynch after they pulled twin peaks off the air. it’s a parody of tv networks, which lynch was of course fed up with after they totally ruined his tv masterpiece. the network still managed to ruin on the air as well. lynch made 7 episodes, the network aired 3 before pulling. not the first 3, because they skipped #2. how do i know? about a year after the show was pulled, a tape showed up in blockbuster video. a tape of all 7 episodes. johnny and i think there’s about 12 people in america who have seen it.

kindly a girl who john was dating dubbed the tape for us. that dub became a special commodity. highly valued because it didn’t take long for blockbuster to pull the on the air video and someone tried to press the history eraser button to wipe all references to the show from existence. a few years back kaptain karl got one of the first home dvd recorders. he took the opportunity to dub the on the air tape to a slightly more archival format. that was great but there was a problem. karl didn’t really know how to use the recorder yet, so he let the machine set chapter breaks. sadly that yielded these totally random breaks that don’t even divide episodes from each other. it made searching for an episode or scene a terrible experience.

i always wanted to do something with them on the computer, but i didn’t have the knowledge or the tools before. but now i do. so a few days ago i went through the dvd and carefully logged which tracks were which episodes. then after downloading all sorts of updates to my dvd ripping software because the old stuff wouldn’t work in tiger anymore, i managed to extract and rip each episode into a file. not a neat file, mind you, because remember, the tracks did not divide episodes neatly. a little trip into quicktime pro for each file and i was able to crop the episodes down in to perfect little 23 minute files that contain just one episode.

although i’ve archived the original rips at full size with no transcoding, each file is being made into a 320×240 quicktime 7 (h.264) file that should be fine for playback on regular tvs or smaller computer screens, though i’ll have to check that when i’m done transcoding. once that’s finished, i’d like to share them with anyone who wants. only i don’t have a server to put them on so they can live somewhere for a .torrent. i dunno how big the files will be yet, but i’m hoping under a gig for all 7. anyone have a spare gig on a server for this? even if you don’t and you want the episodes, just let me know and i’ll get them to you.

update! wow! the quicktime 7 files are amazing. only 125mb per show, and the quality is so fantastic at 320 x 240 that you can’t even tell when you scale it up to 640 x 480 (television size). the only problem is it’s taking about 4 hours to transcode each file, so the entire set won’t be finished for a day or two. still, simply incredible! i can’t wait to share these with you all.


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  1. 1 Mark

    I’d like to get a copy of them. I’m a David Lynch fan but have never heard of that TV series.

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