seriously, this is so wrong


i may not agree with it, but i understand that there are some cultures where women are second class citizens, particularly in some parts of north africa and the middle east. you’ve all heard the stories about female circumcision and the like. but ones that seem to be particularly popular as you move west across the arabian peninsula toward the indian subcontinent are actually far more horrific to me. the situation usually goes like this: man rapes woman, man disfigures woman, woman finally complains, man acts indignant and usually cannot be brought to justice on some local technicality.

i know there are men in western countries who rape women and do them more than just emotional / sexual harm. but they typically don’t include throwing acid / cutting woman to blind her and disfigure her face, and definitely not with such regularity.

it’s bad enough that the guys are raping women, i am not condoning that. though since women have such a low status in these cultures, rape is not considered half the crime it is here. what then is shocking is that these men go on to destroy these women even further. some say it’s punishment for letting themselves be raped. others say use it as threat against the women trying to pursue justice. (that’s the dumbest one. don’t make your crime that obvious, and take away a woman’s pride / beauty and expect that will make her complacent. PLEASE, you just took away all her reasons to live.) others have actually disfigured the women after finding out they were raped or committed some “crime.”

a dude in new delhi hit the lowest low yesterday. not only did he raped and then disfigure a woman (slashing her facing and gouging one of her eyes EWW), but then during sentencing he asked the woman to marry him so he could get a lighter sentence. of course she said no. like i said, don’t take a way a woman’s pride / reason to live and then expect her to become demure and complacent. the dude will now rot in jail for life. good.


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