it’s not just fags god hates


it’s george bush, the pope, the FDNY, michael guest, condaleeza rice and a host of others. smell the brimstone (which is SUCH a cool name, why did those assholes get it and not somone cool?) is a new little venture from reverend phelps and the god hates fags krew. i don’t know how to explain it. it’s like a south park video. honestly i thought it was just a tasteless parody. i mean how can anyone, even crazy ultra conservative evangelicals, accuse so many right wingers of being gay and / or the devil’s playmates? but no, the folks at good as you say it really is from the phelps camp, and the domain is registered to a topeka, kansas address, where they’re based. in fact, do you want to know the registrant? it’s…

Steve Drain
3801 SW 12th St
Topeka, Kansas 66604

i love public information, don’t you? anyhow. i’m not linking directly to the website, because there’s no way i’m giving it any more google juice, but go watch the video and go all slack jawed in disbelief and then come back let me know what you think. oh and if you do go, sorry, not only is the video shockingly awful, but so is the website design. it breaks in every browser i tried.


One Response to “it’s not just fags god hates”

  1. 1 Mark

    Won’t even load for me. Maybe my PowerBook is smarter than even I give it credit for.

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