quick bits of style


1. the 90s are over. please let raver fashion die with that decade, especially hippie raver fashion. the 00s are all about engineered pants that fit well but you can still dance all night in. technology is your friend. you’re better off spending the dough on a new pair of pants than a couple tabs of fake E anyhow.

2. no one understands the never quite summer weather conditions of SF like local favorites Upper Playground. their hoodies and zip ups are thick and and heavy and tight knit- perfect for protection from ocean breezes and fog. their tshirts aren’t too thick or too thin, just right for layering beneath one of their bad ass hoodies.

3. Huf has opened up a second store, in chi chi hayes valley no less. but somehow they have some of the best prices and selection of limited edition sneaks i’ve seen in town. i saw a pair of perforated stan smith mids there i fell in love with. that is until i saw these on cool hunting. green is the new white.


One Response to “quick bits of style”

  1. 1 Johnny

    check out “the history of sampling” on the cool hunting site!

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