more things i want but don’t need


shure, which makes the headphones i love best, have finally come out with their e4c model. these basically have all the response (including thumping bass) of the e5c, which cost 5 bills, but for 3. 200 bucks is a nice savings, but 300 is still alot to pay for headphones. the one bonus is that buying them will be the only time you spend that much. shure has an excellent lifetime replacement program, so if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll get a new pair for much less.

ooh ooh! it’s a sculpture. it’s a seating group. a gigantic foam gorilla disassembles into 3 lounge chairs. it looks good in either configuration.

two things i don’t need and i really don’t even want. the xbox 360 and playstation 3 have both been announced. spec wise, the ps3 will kick the new xbox’s ass. game wise, it’ll probably be a tough call.


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