now that’s a party


on monday i get cornered at kickboxing. “hey eric, whatcha doin tomorrow, around 4?” i know how this goes. i say nothing special, i get roped into carrying something heavy in a parade or something. still, i said nothing special. i’m a sucker for parading around with something heavy on a big stick, what can i say? instead of a parade, the school was performing at a party. dolby labs’ 40th birthday party as it turns out. man that thing was deeluxe. it was a huge space divided into 3 themes: generic asian, generic brazilian and “venetian carnivale” which just translated into fancy food. there were performers in each of the areas. we were obviously in the generic asian section.

at first i thought it was gonna be an easy gig. i almost got away with carrying a very light stick for a few minutes, eating some good grub and heading home. until we realized were going to have to parade around the party. see? there’s always some parade. and then instead of carrying a nice light flag, i was going to be carrying a very heavy drum, with very tiny brass handles, while someone was beating on it. as if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, the other guy carrying it with me was much taller, which meant i couldn’t just let the drum hang down, but hold it up so it was level with the tall guy.

so yah, i got suckered into carrying something heavy around. at least it was a great arm and shoulder workout.


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