you’re not fooling anyone


today, while walking by gay-safeway on my way to the mission, i saw something funny. this dude passed me with a very odd gait. i caught a glimpse of him as he walked by and thought “there’s something wrong”. not like the dude was a chick wrong, just something a miss. after he passed me, i realized what it was. the dude was walkin all flexed up, only he didn’t have much to flex. the best part that he was holding his arms away from his sides and turned forward, as if huge lats were pushing them there, but once he walked by you could totally see had no back at all. he was just holding his arms out there in the air to look buff. but it was so transparent. dude, that’s no different than a bad toupee. everyone can see you’re not yoked. relax, you’ll actually look hotter.


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