orson scott card can suck my…


he’s at it again. orson scott card has issued another completely ignorant statement (he previously wrote a scathing anti-gay-marriage essay). this time it’s about the whole guantanamo / quran / riots thing.

people, if you haven’t already heard, the newsweek story was not a lie. both the fbi and the red cross have confirmed that guards and interrogators did mistreat the quran. of course this comes to light after newsweek was forced to retract their story, and of course after the protests that ended in violence in afghanistan.

i’m not not some liberal pansy enraged about the abuse of islam’s holy book. though i don’t condone our willy nilly policies that put anyone suspiciously middle eastern in guantanamo, i understand that measures will be taken to try and break those people. and abusing a book is a lot better than electrocuting a man.

but instead of taking that sort of view, card makes 2 mistakes. first he assumes that the incidents did not take place, since the government forced newsweek to retract the story. and second, he ignores the facts of the incident in afghanistan. he assumes the protest was violent and that’s how people got killed. go back and check the facts dude. the local “government” (which isn’t really a government yet) open fired on the protest and that’s how the people got killed. dude, do some friggin research. like 10 minutes worth. is it that fuckin hard? don’t believe the american liberal media? no problem. check the bbc, check news24 in south africa, check the IHT. but for fuck’s sake, check something.


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