what is sexy


there is just too much about gay culture i don’t understand. for as much as i don’t understand how some people find skinny, shapeless, completely hairless man-boys sexy, i don’t understand the opposite end of the spectrum either. last night i went to the eagle, a leather bar which fortunately or not happens to be really cool and have great rawk / metal / punk shows on thursdays and sundays. last night dirty power was playing and i really wanted to see them. so i went… alone. it was full of the typical bear types instead of the typical leather geeks last night. i do not find big beards and a beer gut particularly sexy. however the large, cheap drinks make the company more bearable ($4.50 for a 12 oz. jack and ginger that’s 80% jack? thank you very much!) within minutes of getting my big, strong drink some bear is 18 inches from my face in a staring contest. i put my drink down, keep my chin down and refuse to back down. said bear walks on. was that supposed to be a come on or was he trying to start a fight? maybe it was territorial. oh well, the big boy had to walk on. right about then all the straight folks started piling in for the show. of course i knew a few and things got much more comfortable quickly.

two things things that completely stump me on bear fashion. i think a little beard looks sexy on some men, sure. but what is with those huge beards, or worse, the huge goatees? blech. also, i’m confused. i thought these guys were proud of their beer guts as long as they don’t become beer bellies, and yet they wear these big flannel shirts that they try to cover their guts with. only they’re not really hiding nothing.


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