that can never happen


sometimes, and i know it’s hard to believe, companies aren’t assholes. orange, which is a cellular carrier in europe, are constantly rated the highest in customer service by j.d.powers and all those type of folks. i know it’s hard to believe when you live in the US, but carriers over in europe generally care about keeping you as a customer. most don’t care this much. i mean they gave him the phone he wanted… for free! can you believe that? i can’t imagine that happening here. i mean they would barely even give dan a discount on a new smartphone if he tried that over here. they’d just say “sorry, don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.” but then, that’s why no one beats orange in customer service. though virgin mobile in the uk is trying a bunch of new tactics that may bring them within striking distance soon.

also, you gotta check out the tv ads 42below vodka is running. totally self effacing, hilarious stuff that could only come out of new zealand.


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