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people, people. james hetfield cut his hair. so did michael bolton. and chris cornell. and you know what? they all look better now. long hair doesn’t make you look like a rebel, it makes you look out of date. just cut the damn shit off. the only exception: all those hot southern europeans with just […]



OMFGLOLBBQ! best anti-cancer advert EVAR and i forgot to say in my electric fingers post how much i LOVE my new hood. today in my hood it’s sunny and totally warm. i went to the gym this morning (crazy, i know) out the richmond. it was cold and foggy there. got out of the gym […]

my add has been under full control for about a week now, and i have tons of energy too. i’m gettin shit done like mad, even if my room is still a total mess (UGH!). anyhow, with all this energy, my mind is racing. i’m not developing super long posts but i am checking out […]

people, if you don’t already know, having the word concerned or family in a group’s name is the new trend for the religious right. it’s that whole “this is for the good of everyone” thing. just like abstinence education and sexuality treatment. there’s nothing these organizations love to do more than (1) complain about the […]



i’ve been catching more clips of tom cruise on tv. i’ve noticed something about tom over time: the size of his biceps are directly proportional to how crazy he is. his guns are looking BIG right now, and he’s positively off his rocker. go back through time. check my math. i’m pretty sure it’s flawless.



it’s wrong and evil and whatever, but if you have not downloaded (bt) and watched the global frequency pilot, do it NOW. warren ellis, and a brilliant cast and a more brilliant writer created a wonderful piece of not quite science fiction the likes of which we haven’t seen since max headroom. imagine alias meets […]

a few good men


a couple of articles on inter-racial dating (1,2) among gays in the village voice this week. good reading says a guy who’s done his fair share.