one good turn


two businesses i’ve found in SF that do good work for reasonable prices and have great customer service:

jocko told me to go to some house to get my haircut by some stud. i went there but the stud had started his own shop down the street. joe’s barbershop couldn’t be more gay, except all they give is buzzcuts and the two barbers will kick your ass (or they look like they could). jeff even has an 81 sticker on his harley. dunno if he has patches or if he’s just a friend. plus now they carry my favorite brand of grooming supplies, further clinching how absolutely spot on they are.

perry’s been talking up o’hanlon motorcycles for months now, so yesterday i went and got my bike tuned up by them. for those of youu who have heard of them before, you should know charlie o’hanlon sold the shop and the name to these other guys, so it’s not his shop anymore. most won’t really complain about that. he was known for being a bit of a dick. the new guys are awesome. as customer service friendly as can be, a so fuckin honest you’ll want to find things wrong with your bike just so you can give them money to fix it. plus they did a better job on my bike than any other shop i’ve taken it to (sorry jim and johnny, it’s true). i’m still going down to aftershocks for my suspension, but i’ll let these guys take care of pretty much everything else.


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