a new hope


a positive trend in american opinion? it seems the tide is shifting against W, against anti-gay policies, and against the war.

the president’s ratings are plummeting, even congress is pissed about the war, and now ralph nader is calling for impeachment (it’s about friggin time). follow all the link on metafilter.

as if that wasn’t enough, the ACLU has convinced a federal judge that the DoD must make the full abu ghraib videos and pictures available to the press via FOIA requests. congresspeoples who saw the full material were dumbstruck in horror. if any of this actually makes it out in public, there could be a much larger backlash coming.

in gay news, the HRC did a gays in the workplace type study. only 1 company in the fortune top 50 doesn’t have an anti-discrimination policy and a half of companies in the top 500 actually have partner benefits for gay couples.

of course it’s not all good news. today the supreme court said medical marijuana is still illegal despite state measures protecting those who could benefit from it, and the pope called gay unions an expression of anarchic freedom. which is kinda funny, anarchic freedom is the worst insult he could come up with? i mean please. i understand the church fears both anarchy and freedom, but they can’t possibly think most people in the world considers freedom a bad thing- maybe anarchy.


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