columbia, magenta


does anyone remember anything you’re supposed to shout at the rocky horror picture show? i haven’t been there in years. growing up, there wasn’t much for an underage kid to in the suburbs of cleveland except for pack into a car and hit the coventry theater at midnight on a friday for the rhps experience. granted we didn’t have a whole sideshow of people aping the movie in costume, but we did all come armed with the appropriate props and streamed into the aisles to dance the timewarp. and everyone shouted out the peanut gallery lines.

i don’t have much nostalgia for those nights, it’s not that i want to relive my “glory days” or anything, hell they were far from glorious, but i’ve had meatloaf’s theme song stuck in my head for days. “hey when he said he didn’t like his daddy you knew he was a no good kid.”

so i couldn’t help but realize i barely remember a single thing you’re supposed to yell, except maybe for “where do you get your drugs? what’s your favorite color?”


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