my latest obsession


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originally uploaded by masaya.

i don’t want more stuff. i rarely do. all i seek is the perfection of the stuff i own. the perfect phone, the perfect laptop, one great bike, just the right clothes. i could do without the rest. i just don’t need it. to that end, i’m always seeking out these things- especially the perfect phone, since it’s not just my desire, it’s also my job.

as of about 5 days ago, the perfect phone for me became the penck. a japan-only phone that is so beautiful and so perfect that i ache that nothing like this comes to america. the carrier that has this phone has launched other unbelievably amazing phones, but the penck is the first one launched with super-high-speed data access as well as beautiful design. just look at that smooth, round, uninterrupted form. the inside is beautiful too. and the phone has every feature i consider critical to my dream phone: a decent camera (as good as my S710), an mp3 player with a memory card slot for storing lots of songs, high speed data, and beautiful interface, plus it has bonus features, like a video player to watch shows you tivo using a special recorder available in japan that saves shows to a memory card sized for playback on a phone. i cannot stop thinking about this phone. i wonder if it’s crazy to move to japan just so i could use it.


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