do you want to play a game?


like countless robots / computers before me, my circuits are going absolutely apeshit right now. i cannot keep still. i cannot concentrate on jack shit. i cannot drink enough water OR coffee. and it took me 48 hours of eating to finally get full. my metabolism / ADD / whatever is in overdrive. while this has been bad for work (i’m getting it done, but it’s a serious effort), this has been great for exploring all the other shit i’ve been meaning to get at.

in the never ending chemistry experiment that is my body, i’ve finally been eating well again, and have decided that NO2, while it does exactly what it says, it not what i need on a daily basis. the shit really does let you work out longer since you’re getting more blood through your circulatory system and to the muscles, but it does nothin for motivation / power / virility despite a low dose of tribulus in it. plus the pills are HUGE and chalky. so i’m reserving the NO2 for long workout days (or multi day periods), and switching back to a more tribulus-based daily supplement. this one called alpha male. will post opinions on it after a 30 day period.

the add attack has been good for my psp experimentation, downloading or making full screen video to playback on that thing is SO friggin awesome. i’m gonna create a list of psp links for everyone, probably tonight. also learned that a psp version of katamari damacy is due out october 3, just in time for my birthday. w00t! can’t write in full sentences anymore. gotta go


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