bad hair day


this morning i woke up tired of my hair. i wanted a haircut badly, but even though the guys at joe’s did a great job last time, it just wasn’t the cut i wanted. so i decided i could do it better myself. after i finished up writing the morning news i got out the clippers and started to cut my hair. i knew it was a bad idea. i’ve been ADD crazy this week and knew i wouldn’t be able to be careful enough not to fuck this up. but because of that whole ADD “i have to do this right NOW” thing, i couldn’t stop myself. needless to say i fucked it up. not horribly, but bad enough to be embarrassed by it. so i tried to fix it, which only made it worse. and so i wound up shaving my head. after having hair for six months, it looks weird to me. it looks extra weird since my face is really tan and my head is not. i guess i looked ok with a good haircut. guess i’m gonna have to grow it back again. ARGH!


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