crazy, just crazy


michael jackson has been cleared of all charges. Warren says it best “He could now fuck puppies outside a church while wearing a Tinkerbell outfit made out of boy’s foreskins and people would throw money.” i have nothing to add.

and just for extra fun, the leader of the christian coalition says gays should be forced to wear warning labels, because, you know, we all have every STD known to mankind and tend to die before all the straight folks. dude, we all go to the gym all the time and worry about processed sugars and complex carbs. you are SO dying before me you squirrel-faced fuck.


2 Responses to “crazy, just crazy”

  1. 1 franky

    just cant belive got off totally free. He for sure has issues and needs to be helped!

  2. 2 johnny

    Well I have something to add: I think this passage from the New York Times pretty much perfectly encapsulates my thoughts. I’m sure you all will agree.

    “Victory! Victory!” shouted Omar Reece, 25, who traveled to Santa Maria from Belleville, Ill. “He’s proven himself. People have been trying to stop him for 20 years, to destroy his character, his name. And each time he’s come back better, stronger, unbreakable.”

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