i generally don’t think of myself as a big guy, i still wear a small or at most a medium when it comes to mens clothes. i mean i know i’m athletic, and i’m not skinny, but i never consider myself large in any regards. so imagine my surprise when i went to buy a new knee brace today (the knee has been acting up alot since saturday or so). i’ve learned the adjustable ones with velcro just don’t work, so i got a sized one. the store had like 5 larges and 1 medium. i, of course grabbed the medium. after buying the thing, i decided i better try it on before leaving the scene. i couldn’t even get it up over my calf. seriously. i mean i know i don’t exactly have chicken legs thanks to plenty of cycling and kickboxing, but i’m a large? what about all those dude who have giant tree trunk sized legs? and conversely, how small must a small be if i couldn’t even get the medium on? creepy.


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