dear microsoft


your fear is transparent. never did any other #2 console maker, not even sega – who did pull some big publicity stunts like sonic in SF – ever get so desperate as to do what you’re doing now. we can smell your fear. your actions must have sony gloating right now. i mean advertising xbox 360 across from a PSP store? lame. you shouldn’t even be worried about the PSP as your competition, not even for the limited budgets of young french gamers as your poster implied. and then this whole baseball game stunt? dumping all that money into a minor league game? these are like the loserest wastes of big money imaginable. not only do they smell of desperation, they stink of stupidity too.

and what does microsoft have to worry about? now is not the time for them to worry. this holiday season they’ll be the biggest seller. they’ll enjoy a top spot in console sales for at least 4 months. and then the ps3 will come out and microsoft will weep again. that’s when the real desperation will begin.


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