fight for your right to party


apparently there’s no crime in nashville. the cops are so bored that they have plenty of time to set up stings, and arrest gays for possessing a drug that’s not even a controlled substance. in other words, arresting them for not committing a crime. damn you, gays! maybe all the gays should move to nashville. since there’s no crime there, and being gay is the worst crime nashville cops can think of, it’s probably a nice place to live. or is it? in 2004, nashville had more rapes and murders than san francisco and though murders dropped from 2003, both rape and aggravated assault were on the rise. even though san francisco is theoretically “safer” than nashville, our cops seem plenty busy enough with real crimes that they can’t find time to harass gays, and my we’re such an easy target here. it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. so what gives, nashville? have you been brainwashed by the christian conservatives to believe that gays are the source of all crime or something? if so san francisco should be awash in murders and assault, right? come on. leave the homos and their poppers alone and tackle some serious crimes, or for that matter, some actual crimes.


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