slowly, silently, one by one


our rights, and by “our” i don’t mean gay rights, i mean those of all americans, are quietly being revoked by the federal government – both congress and those “activist judges” in the supreme court. Yesterday our right to burn the flag, protected under free speech by a Supreme Court decision, fell in the US House who approved a constitutional amendment to ban the act. It still needs to pass the Senate, which is less likely – hooray for equal representation. plus in another blow to free speech, now the government has also managed to shut down a huge number of adult sites as well as humor / art / lit sites that have adult content thanks to a new statute requiring ALL these sites to register the name, id, social security number, etc of all visitors.

Then today our private property became even less ours. It used to be the federal government could forcibly seize your property (and pay you for it — pay you pennies, that is.) in order to make way for public works projects. now that right has been extended to private developers. apparently your home, family farm, etc. is not nearly as important as yet another strip mall.

and may i remind you that the patriot is still going strong, despite the fact that less than 10% of the convictions of Gitmo inmates, let alone other detainees in US jails have come from information gained through the act. Worse, the president and congress aren’t just trying to extend the life of the act, they’re trying to extend its powers – adding the right of federal agencies to tap phones, email etc

it’s funny because both the democrats AND republicans discussed how the nazis revoked rights and changed laws in order to seize power during the filibuster / nuclear option debate. and yet these same people allow, nay MAKE, these changes.

about the only thing the government continually fails to take away from us is our right to watch tv as we see fit – the broadcast fag has failed yet again. coincidence?


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