it’s wrong and evil and whatever, but if you have not downloaded (bt) and watched the global frequency pilot, do it NOW. warren ellis, and a brilliant cast and a more brilliant writer created a wonderful piece of not quite science fiction the likes of which we haven’t seen since max headroom. imagine alias meets numb3rs with john woo-style action scenes.

i watched it on the psp, which is how i discovered an amazing feature. there are different screen modes in the video player, one of which is called “zoom.” if a person annoyingly encodes a 16:9 video as a 320×240 letterboxed file, zoom will stretch out the file so the widescreen video fills the screen. no annoying black bars. i love sony today.

also, i’m not quite sure when it happened, or who’s responsible, but all of SF has become sake snobs. people don’t bother serving the cheap stuff anymore. i was in the cafe at the top of the virgin megastore today, and even they served wakatake onikoroshi, aka “the demonslayer” if you haven’t had onikoroshi, try it. it’s one of the most affordable, cleanest tasting, good sakes around. and now it’s everywhere- even cafes.


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