to all “concerned” or “family” organizations


people, if you don’t already know, having the word concerned or family in a group’s name is the new trend for the religious right. it’s that whole “this is for the good of everyone” thing. just like abstinence education and sexuality treatment. there’s nothing these organizations love to do more than (1) complain about the dangerously liberal policies of public schools and governments that don’t attempt to abolish all acceptance of gays or safe sex or evolution, for that matter and (2) protest/boycott any organization that might, even indirectly, support those liberal causes.

the american family association and concerned women of america (i guess you also have to america in your name, too) are usually the ringleaders / noisemakers when it comes to these boycotts. sometimes these organizations might win, getting more conservative (or lawsuit averse) companies to backpedal on however they were supporting the gays or contraception or whatever, but sometimes it’s a lost cause. so to the concerned women of america, threaten to boycott nike all you want. pretty much every homo in portland has or will work for them. pretty much every person in america, in the world, wants their product. and they have never backed down from supporting the underdogs of american society. you should choose your targets better. follow your great president’s lead. he usually picks on the suckers in places where there’s no one to defend them.


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