electric fingertips


my add has been under full control for about a week now, and i have tons of energy too. i’m gettin shit done like mad, even if my room is still a total mess (UGH!). anyhow, with all this energy, my mind is racing. i’m not developing super long posts but i am checking out alot of stuff.

i saw batman begins with nigel last night. amazing. well filmed. great action. great mood. great gadgets. and it managed to stay true to frank miller’s dark knight chronicles. and christian bale… with his shirt off… fighting. and then bruised the next day. is there anything sexier than a hot guy with bruises, or scars? i don’t think so. nigel thought the christian bale’s hoarse voice as batman was cheesy, so did carlo. and nig fell asleep during the final action sequence cuz it was so predictable and it was after midnight. it WAS predictable but it was true to the books and the movie.

there is a gay agenda, but no one’s sending me the emails. know what i noticed at gay pride? abs are out. apparently super tight abs and good grooming have now been co-opted by straight guys thanks to abercrombie and fitch and a renewed focus on fitness. so now bad skin, body hair, and a buff bod with a little belly on top of all that muscle are all the rage for the gays. i can’t keep up. i’m just gonna stick to being me- the healthiest me i can be. screw the trendoids.

there is a gay agenda, and i think it’s bullshit. i admit it, i think most americans are stupid and have a short attention span, but i give them the benefit of the doubt. GLAAD does no such thing. they helped get the abc reality show “welcome to the neighborhood” canceled because in the first few episodes the all white suburban residents who get to choose their new neighbors were seriously prejudiced (against everyone, but especially the gay couple). the thing is, if abc or glaad believed the show was compelling, wouldn’t it be great to show america these families’ journey to acceptance as viewers just had to tune in each week? no. abc didn’t have confidence in the show’s draw, and glaad didn’t have confidence in the ability for americans to form opinions over more than an hour of television. bummer.

speaking of gay agendas, apparently the HNICs of the american family association, and the concerned women of america (who’s a man, btw), are both proud of the fact that the southern poverty law center has vilified both organizations. they think the splc is a bunch of hippie tree-huggers. i think they’re thinking about some other legal organization. or maybe “hippie tree-huggers” is the new southern white euphemism for nigger-lover. (sorry for use of the n word, hope you understand.) i wonder if there’s a way to unify blacks, gays, and all the other people the splc defends against the new religious right?

i love the internets. the most useless of SF city councilman says “there’s as many pot clubs as sturbucks in this city.” sfist does the math and discovers there’s only half as many. an argument for fewer starbucks? more pot clubs? voting out stupid councilmen?

everyone on the internets is all pissed at nike for ripping off minor threat’s discography cover for their major threat east coast skate tour. admittedly, they ripped it off pretty hard, they coulda done a better job referencing it visually without copying it. still it’s cool. but the typical whiner that he is, ian’s all pissed too. kottke argues that punk rock is all about stealing and re-appropriating what was out there before – musically and visually. and we’re in the age of remixing and mash-ups. while i agree with jason on some level, mostly because i think ian mckaye – no matter how much i worship minor threat, fugazi, and a ton of other dischord bands – is a whiny little fuck, i can’t help but point out that there is a big difference between the punk rock that kottke talks about and the DIY hardcore that dischord grew into a full blown format.


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  1. 1 James

    ABC had to cancel “Welcome to the ‘hood” because what they were doing is simply illegal. That type of housing discrimination has been against the law since the ’60s. (That said, it might have made a good TV show…)

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