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today was tour de fat, and as part of the celebration, the yard dogs road show performed. they were seriously the funnest, most professional, sexiest indie burlesque i’ve ever seen. if you get a chance, go see ’em. if i get a chance, i’m gonna go see ’em again. believe me. Advertisements

apparently the past couple years’ electro phase and the returned interest in 80s music has revived interest in old school rap among the kids. not only does j c penney have black sheep in their ad but target just launched a back to school ad for friggin backpacks to sir mix-a-lot’s baby got back. only […]

tag tuesday


so yesterday i went with candy and her coworker rick to tag tuesday. tag tuesday is this even sponsored by technorati, who basically are the folks that made weblogs mainstream by aggregating and searching them. only doing that wasn’t enough for these folks. they developed tags. tags are a way where you can tell other […]

the Bible


johnny had a friend in high school called andy. i only met the guy once but i heard many tales of him. one thing that sticks in my head is that this andy kid called brave new world the bible. certainly, it was a great allegory, especially for smart straight edge kids. much like i […]

hot couples


there are a number of celebrity couples i’m pretty sure straights and gays alike would say they go bi- for if only for a chance at a threesome with them. brad and angelina are an obvious example. hell even famous people would go bi to do them, witness rob thomas’s joke that he’s much more […]

have you read or heard of jonathon safron foer’s new book extremely loud & incredibly close yet? it’s pretty good. in it, the grandfather slowly stops talking by cutting out a few words at a time. he’s not trying to, it just happens. i’m running out of words to blog with right now because i’m […]

willie nelson. seriously. i ain’t gonna grow pigtails or sing country music, but i do wanna get old like willie. he’s still got tons of life left in him, everybody wants to be around him, and he’s happy and smilin all the time. and i don’t just think it’s the pot.