i love chinese


dan and i went to breakfast taiwan yesterday for the first time in ages. so yummy. but this is not to tell you about my yummy breakfast, but about the latest post on cha siu bao. summer in hong kong, taiwan, shanghai and all those coastal or island cities in north east asia is sweltering. it’s beyond humid, hot as hell, and severely overcrowded. the chinese, fight back with a combination of hot and cold foods because of the rules of chinese medicine. on cha xiu bao, when explaining the recipe of a summer soup, the author says “The formulae of chinpoleung was documented way back in the Tang dynasty. I am quite sure that the French was still eating grass at that point.” is not fucking great?

it sort of reminds me of a story ted came back after he visited china for month. after one of his schoolmates complained about eating with chopsticks, he said one of his tour guides retorted “oh we invented the fork and spoon too. marco polo brought those to europe as well. but we decided eating that way was too barbaric.”


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