the wisdom of doris


when i worked at the ad agency, we did a good deal of charity work. all agencies do it. however we were very particular about our charity work. doris, our business manager, would only accept causes that benefitted children. her rationale was simple- take on charity work for birth control or aids research or the united negro college fund and some uptight client might take offense to it. but no one – NO ONE – will ever take offense to a charity that helps children. children are the innocent victims of circumstance and are above reproach for their problems. her argument was flawless, not only were our clients accepting of our charity work, but because it was for children, it was usually easy to get them to donate to it as well.

this whole “ONE” campaign, started by a bunch of US celebrities and leaders to tie in with live 8 is equally beyond reproach. it’s sole goal is to help people who are victims of horrific circumstance, namely the largely poverty stricken population of africa. reversing their plight is a cause no one can argue against – they are victims of a number of horrific circumstances caused by nature, fate and powers far richer than they.

you can help their cause, or at least try to help their cause for free, FREE people, just by signing an online petition. the goal is to try to get our president (there are other campaigns for other G8 leaders) to commit to helping africa and other impoverished nations in a real way at the G8 summit. they are desperately in need of names. all that concert and celebrity hullabaloo drew attention from the real campaign beneath it. and now the petition languishes in some poor corner of the internet.

sure you could find reasons not to sign. i mean the president invaded afghanistan despite the live protests of millions of americans, why is he gonna care about a few signatures? but it can’t hurt. and it’s not just about us and our president, it’s about residents of every g8 country telling their leaders that it’s time to share just a small fraction of their wealth before paul wolfowitz puts every developing country in debt up to their eyeballs just for the pleasure of becoming our puppet states.

take less than 30 seconds out of your day and add your name, PLEASE.


One Response to “the wisdom of doris”

  1. 1 J

    I am really glad you added this link. Too many people think they have no way of helping, if they don’t have the money. There are other ways.. I will definitly be adding my name, and hope others will do so as well!

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