the real london


ok people. a little clarification here. just because i had a knee jerk liberal reaction and raised the possibility that the US was involved in london’s bombing doesn’t mean i actually think it’s true. i mean we’ve done worse, even to our allies. but i know better in this case. honestly. however others who had the same reaction seem to be running with the idea.

one thing i do know. london is the wrong fucking place to bomb. these people have dealt with the attempted destruction of their city by enemies (domestic and foreign) for centuries. every time it just strengthens their resolve. every time they fix up there city, get back to life, and formulate a plan to kick some ass. guess what? it’s already happening there. and this is how london responds. there’s a great new york times piece to the same effect too.

hilariously, they also respond by taking the piss out of some american emo kid who thinks london is a city full of weak morrissey-alikes.


2 Responses to “the real london”

  1. 1 J

    Thank you for clarifying your opinion. I agree that London was the wrong choice, and whoever is responsible is not very smart, for whatever the reason was. I am just extremely sorry for the people of London, and wish them all the best.

  2. 2 Mark

    We did have an indirect role. It was the Administration that blew the Pakistani Al Queda network that the Brits had infiltrated about a year prior. They knew something was up and planned for England but didn’t know what or when. That was during our election season when Shrub wanted some good news, so he blabbed the name of the double-agent causing the British to shut down the network prematurely. The recent bombings are the outgrowth of that. So, no, the US didn’t directly cause it, but because we put politics above security we do bear some of the blame.

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