love will tear us apart again


or, honesty above all else, except loyalty

yup. karl rove gave up victoria plume. the cat’s out of the bag. whereas the president and congress was calling for the head of alfredo garcia when launching their investigation, the president is of course now defending the dark emperor, swearing he did not commit any crime. what the presidency has joined together let man rend asunder. history tells us the president will never back down from supporting rove, w usually forms an opinion and then sticks to it no matter what the facts say.

but george’s blind loyalty to “friends” like rove, alberto gonzales, and possibly even john bolton aren’t just bad for the country, they’re bad for the republican party. both ends of the republican spectrum are growing increasingly annoyed with the president… and with each other. it’s quite possible that blind loyalty will actually cause enough internal strife within the republican party that if howard dean could get the friggin democrats on one page that they might finally be able to do something.

and yes, only i would draw titles from backdraft and joy division for the same post.


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