grenade jumper



so me and the foot fighters went out for beers last night. lots of beers. we all needed it, even though it was a monday. there was much trash talking. at some point one pal, ben, reminded us of an episode when he jumped on a grenade for us – basically he distracted this girl who really annoys us when we ran into her completely unexpected (she was supposed to be out of the country) at little john’s bachelor party. somehow, while talking about said girl, the fact that she only annoys those whom she’s pointed at combined with ben’s jumping on the grenade analogy turned the talk to the label on claymores. a little more discussion and we all decided it would make an excellent t shirt. so today i did some research, carefully combined a few gothic fonts to match that on a claymore mine, and have come up with this design. they should be pretty cheap to make, i’ll do them myself probably. all i need is some olive drab shirts, a 10″ screen and some white ink. should be a piece of cake. now who wants one?


One Response to “grenade jumper”

  1. 1 johnny

    I do I do!

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