rss is bad


actually, rss is great. i love being able to get entries from tons of blogs and news sites in one place without having to visit all those sites. but here’s the problem. rss has killed interactivity for me. i don’t post comments on people’s websites anymore. i just write my own stuff. sure i link to many of those sites, but i don’t comment on them. for some reason i feel like that’s bad.


One Response to “rss is bad”

  1. 1 Mark

    As a good Buddhist (which I am not — I lack the discipline, but that’s another story) I take the Middle Way: I don’t RSS others’ blogs but OmniWeb will check for updated bookmarks and flag those that have new content. As a result, whenever I want I can instantly pull up a window with nothing but modified blogs, each in its own tab. I don’t waste time on blogs that don’t update (like, err, mine, lately) but I also see the complete posts of those that have.

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