can i just say?


this shit is bananas. b a n a n a s. thankyou.

and why, WHY, is it that every man who decides to tuck his t shirt into his jeans wears high-waisted jeans that come up to like his belly button or past it? that shit is just gross. please throw away those ugly faded ass high rise jeans from the 80s. i don’t care if you still fit in ’em, you sure as hell don’t look good in ’em. no one does. you know what’s even worse? i’ve seen an equal number of gay and straight men sporting this same look. please gay men, we’re supposed to be style leaders. what kind of example are you setting? not even levis 501s come up that high anymore and what could be more classic than a pair of 510s? please please please. it’s bad enough you tuck in your t-shirts, but when you tuck em in just to show off pants that make you look like some old timer with his pants pulled up to his armpits… what are you thinking?


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