less than extreme makeover


this summer, we’re makin changes. not radical changes. not even new changes – in fact many of the changes are trying to get things back to the way they were. maybe like the way they were 10 years ago. only now i’ll be smarter and gayer. 10 years ago i was in DC. mostly it’s just that i’m trying to get in the best shape i can be in and eliminate as many extraneous possessions as possible. i’m tired of the new status quo. it’s not that it’s a bad status quo, or even that i’m getting complacent, it’s just that there were certain things i liked about my old self better and others i like about the new self. i’m trying to pick and choose the best from each.

the shapoo trick is really working and all my spots are nearly gone. the workouts are going pretty well, and really starting to help my kickboxing. but my endurance is getting crappier and i think it’s cuz if i’m gonna be this good about training, i need to be better about what and how i eat. so as long as i can maintain my will to be in the gym, i need to learn to eat better. i don’t eat junk food, but i still know what i do eat isn’t perfect. time to get the book jocko recommended before he went on hiatus. (where is he?)

the bigger challenge is to get rid of all the extra crap in my room. there is SO much shit i can’t believe it. i’m surrounded by boxes of stuff that i don’t touch – much that i haven’t really EVER touched (cuz i got it free at a conference or tradeshow). i need to sell (or donate) it all.

trim the fat off me and my shit. that’s the idea. (no, i’m not fat, but i could be buffer, stronger, and it’s metaphorical yo).


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