holy timewarp, batman



did anyone see this picture (courtesy of AFP) of john roberts accepting his nomination to the supreme court? who cares about john, check out his family. straight out of 1963. his boy is wearing a shorts suit and saddle shoes. saddle shoes! and look at his wife and daughter. equally kennedy-era clothing for them too. the only redeeming quality is that at least his wife isn’t wearing that ugly blue suit that has become de riguer for politico’s wives.

is the swiss family roberts caught in a time warp? if so, do we really want a supreme court justice who doesn’t realize it’s the 21st century? i mean i know people are saying he wants to roll back civil rights, but i’m afraid he’ll really roll them back. like pre-civil rights roll backs. like pre-1970s women’s rights roll backs. who knows maybe he wants to shoot for pre 21st amendment roll backs. in any case, i’m scared.


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