hot couples


there are a number of celebrity couples i’m pretty sure straights and gays alike would say they go bi- for if only for a chance at a threesome with them. brad and angelina are an obvious example. hell even famous people would go bi to do them, witness rob thomas’s joke that he’s much more attracted to brad pitt than tom cruise, who he was rumored to have been caught in bed with. i just learned about celeb couple #2 who i wish would make an eric sandwich: peter facinelli and jenny mccarthy. peter is hot and laid back. i’ve drooled over him since he was in supernova (as the bad guy). and jenny is hot and funny. and if i think a girl is funny she must be smart too. so how could i not love them?

anyhow this weekend at nigel’s birthday a met a non-celebrity couple who i wanted to get between. pam is a hot english girl with a great sense of humor and tons of stories while her boyfriend pat is a military brat turned laid back surfer dude. they’re both wikkid smart, friendly, and good lookin. i wanted to be their new pet.


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