the Bible


johnny had a friend in high school called andy. i only met the guy once but i heard many tales of him. one thing that sticks in my head is that this andy kid called brave new world the bible. certainly, it was a great allegory, especially for smart straight edge kids. much like i can’t pick one favorite restaurant, or one favorite band, i could never pick just one book that’s had an impact on my life. a book that has changed the way i live, there are many. each helpful at different times.

certainly brave new world was a great help to me, i needed a book i could think back to when trying to fight the man and buck the chemical culture so prevalent in our universities. it spoke more to the mindless consumer culture of the late 80s and early 90s than fahrenheit 451 or 1984 did. it also speaks to today’s manufactured fear and fake wars as well.

right when i needed it, i read the fountainhead. despite the book’s weight, i flew through it. it was just the tale i needed to remind me that people with great ideas will often be misunderstood but need to keep forging ahead. i bought it for perry a few weeks ago hoping it will inspire him to do great things. he needs some coaxing.

fight club (the book or the movie) is great to remind yourself that it’s not about what you own, it’s about what you experience. whenever i need to see that the future can be a fantastic (but not flawless) place, i turn to one of cory’s books. i use books as moral support as much as i use them as entertainment.

graphic novels were always a big influence too, the dark knight made a huge impact on me in high school. i think around my junior year of college, i delved into the watchmen. i practically lived as rorschach for the next year. and then bill bass introduced me to v for vendetta, another alan moore creation; what an amazing book! what an fitting tale of government conspiracy and the fight against it. and now, it’s going to be a movie – produced by the friggin wachowski brothers!! and starring hugo weaving (agent smith) and natalie portman. most impressive, despite the current political climate – the patriot act, the mass media and everything else that plays the villian in the book, it doesn’t look like the movie version was castrated, at least not from the trailer. of course warren ellis suspects otherwise. i’m still excited to see V come to life. he’s like an anarchist batman.


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  1. 1 johnny

    Andy said there was a good book and a bad book. The good book was Brave New World; tha bad book was Lolita. It was a good bad book was the idea tho.

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