tag tuesday


so yesterday i went with candy and her coworker rick to tag tuesday. tag tuesday is this even sponsored by technorati, who basically are the folks that made weblogs mainstream by aggregating and searching them. only doing that wasn’t enough for these folks. they developed tags. tags are a way where you can tell other people what your post is about, only it’s not limited to blog posts, it could be photos, or podcasts or videos or pretty much anything on the web. this adds a neat element. basically you can search for a tag on technorati or other sites that support them and come up with all sorts of results.

i think it’s a pretty neat idea, only i hate the fact that i have to do it manually. i also hate the fact that i have approx 600 blog posts and there’s no way in hell i’m going back and tagging all of them. since the magical tag machine supports reading categories in my blogging software as tags, i’ve gone back and added categories to all of july’s entries as a start. i’ll try and get in the habit of adding categories to everything but the personal diary posts, cuz well no one should give a shit about searching thru those. if i think it’s worthwhile, i’ll even start manually adding more detailed tags to my entries, but not yet. first i wanna see how this catches on.


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