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doc has not only what is a good summary of the current state of louisiana and mississippi, but also an excellent analysis of how the news is covering the disaster, and how they could do a better job. Advertisements

iming with carlo today, he says “every time I see something about new orleans, when the levee breaks by led zeppelin starts playing in my head… I guess at least it’s not rock you like a hurricane.”

the city is full of campers and rvs and cars all being packed full with weird gear, art projects, drugs and plenty of protection. this week everyone who thinks they’re more creative than they actually are (and a few who actually are that creative) packs up and moves to the desert for a 10 days […]

after being on a saving spree for a long time. i broke down and bough a few things. the folks at boing boing got one of their favorite cartoonists to do a flying spaghetti monster logo for t-shirts. it is awesome! mostly because this is the first logo to feature the meatballs, which i see […]

the flying spaghetti monster appears in family circus – that bastion of suburban blandness, and der spiegel – that bastion of german news with titties on the same day. this morning jesse and i came to realize that the gay marriage argument needs a flying spaghetti monster of its own. touched by His noodle?

and it’s only half over folks! first, pat robertson calls for the assassination of hugo chavez, the pro socialist, anti american leader of venezuela. the best part? when taken to task for the un-christian-ness of his statement, he says the associated press, who first ran the article on robertson’s statement, “misinterpreted” his words. unfortunately for […]

don’t get me wrong. i work out with guys on the sf police force, and i totally empathize with their situation. some asshole(s) pelt our officers, not dressed in riot gear, with rocks and they get tear gas shot at them. maybe even tackled, restrained, unfortunately beaten (most likely). sure, i totally understand that. if […]