i know it’s hard to believe there are people still academic enough to care about word usage and grammar in america when we’ve elected a president who constantly misuses or makes up words and butchers our language. yet here we are, the few, the proud, the ones for whom language matters. we all have pet peeves – misuses that really get under our skin – and i’d like to air a few here:

  1. people are not things. we have different pronouns for people than for any other object. using pronouns like that and which for people is just plain wrong. don’t objectify me (literally). the worst offenders seem to be newscasters. i’ve rarely heard anyone use the proper pronoun on a 24 hour or local news show.
  2. weary means tired, wary means suspicious. saying you’re weary of an event means something completely different than saying you’re wary of it.
  3. and though i’ve only seen this once, so it doesn’t get on my nerves or anything, it’s a great sort of bushism. glutenous means sticky or gooey. gluttonous means hoarding or consuming more than one’s fair share.

i’m sure there are tons more, but those first 2 are on my list for when i published my protestation like martin luther.


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