fit for a queen


or an empress, rather. the japanese diet has ratified a change in the laws governing the royal family, allowing for women to ascend to the throne. the current emperor only has two sons, and there are no young boys to follow their reign. the first bon son, crown prince naruhito has a smart, beautiful, modern wife called masako who has already borne him a daughter, aiko. and i suspect being the modern kind of role model that she is, that masako has no intentions of having any more children. masako is like the princess di of japan- not just in title but in spirit too.

speaking of japanese queens. one of the new rages in japan is this dude called hard gay (hardo gei). he’s got a comedy show where he dresses up in leather drag and totally camps it up in public – thrusting his hips, striking these hilarious cher music video poses, picking up heavy objects and doing curls with them, etc. – while totally helping people out – he’s loading their groceries, picking up their trash, drawing an audience for a street performer. it’s fuckin GREAT.

but not all the queeny news is good news. apparently the ex gays are being loud enough that they’re getting coverage on talk shows (transcript from the view). it’s sad considering the best the converts can say about themselves is that maybe, sometime in the future, they might be able to love someone of the opposite sex. that’s ex-gay? sounds more like hopes to be ex-gay. on the flipside, the boston globe did a long ass expose on paul cameron (bugmenot), chief pseudo-scietific FUD spreader of the anti-gay community. this is the man responsible for saying that most gay men die by the age of 40 and that gay parents are more likely to molest their children. his “research” is spread by as many 43,000 churches in the US.


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