dark shadows


i’m tired and far too depressed to link to all the things getting me down. i do not know what things are coming to in this, but right now i don’t see them coming to anything good. i don’t want to go back and find all these stories to link to them, so google for yourself.

iraq is a mess. 21 soldiers, including well trained snipers killed in 2 days. an uncommon infection, with few known treatments, is making its way through military hospitals there. brought in by wounded sodiers it is killing those too sick or injured to fight it off. the president has no out for us. the best he can offer is an iraqi constitution. ha!

gay rights are taking a hit in nearly every state, even states that currently are pretty gay-friendly. there is a bill in mass to change the constitution so that gay marriage will become unconstitutional. there is a bill in california trying to reverse our domestic partnership laws to take rights away from gay (and unmarried str8) couples, and there are attacks in just about every other state, not to mention a couple of hate crimes, and neighbors who sold their house because the couple who won the not-broadcast “meet your neighbors” are gay (and have adopted children).

in prague, the government sent the riot police into a legal rave. the results were not pretty.

is there any good news? well, they were able to fix up the shuttle enough that it can come back to earth and brave astronauts won’t die stranded in space.


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