a new low in self hatred


i don’t know how i missed this, this is so rich. get this, about 3 weeks ago, senator rick santorum’s chief of staff was outed. yes, the chief of staff for everybody’s favorite homophobic wacko is proud, gay, black man. and you know what, this guy actually wants to work for santorum. he’s been working for conservative politicians since he was 18. i don’t care how rich his parents were, how much do you have to hate yourself to be a gay black man and work for rick santorum? seriously. most jews i know don’t hate themselves this much.

i found out about this because apparently flipping out on talk shows was all the rage this week. not only did bob novak call bullshit and walk off his own CNN show, but santorum flipped on when a radio talk show host asked him about his chief of staff’s recent outing.


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