a shining example


sure, it probably has something to do with the fact that alan ball is gay, but as 6 feet under takes its final breaths (only 2 episodes left) keith and david and their two adopted sons have become the most well adjusted family on the show. the most untraditional family has some of the best “family values.” this as a new bill or organization or groundless argument seems to pop up nearly every day against gay adoption.

thanks to shows like this, or 30 days “straight man in a gay world” episode, will more people see gay parents as the (good / bad / average) parents they are and not just as gay parents (bad EEEEVIL gay parents)? i think that someone should pirate the airwaves and broadcast dan savage’s tale (this american life real audio file, starts at about 17:30 in) of why it took so long for him to marry his partner. with more honest tales like this, maybe people will pay more attention to our humanity than to our sexuality.

of course as long organizations like the american family association continue to villianize gays, i’m not sure people will be so easily swayed without direct positive contact. instead direct negative contact seems to be what these organizations are preaching. the more popular they get, the more anti-gay violence seems to be on the rise, even in traditional safe havens like manhattan and hollywood. gentlemen, learn to defend yourselves. train hard. fight back.


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