cracking the code


tom as st. sebastian

when the last samurai tom cruise did an interview with GQ or esquire (GQ, i think) where he spouted quotes from hagakure (aka the way of the samurai) to supposedly defend his heterosexuality. of course he (and the author) neglected to mention the huge swaths of that book devoted to soldiers having sex with each other (and geisha too) and how despite the pleasure of man on man sex, they shouldn’t neglect their duty to their wife and family. and tom used some quotes right from those sections but didn’t seem to grasp their true meaning, or at least didn’t admit to it.

now tom (though he could easily blame radar magazine) once again uses homo imagery from japanese culture, again to supposedly defend his masculinity, though this time it’s more about this sanity than his sexuality. he poses on the cover of next month’s radar as st. sebastian. for those of you saying “how exactly is this japanese homo imagery?” mishima yukio, japan’s most famous gay and most staunch supporter of traditional culture, recounts in many stories how a picture of st. sebastian was his first gay crush. his dad had a book of classic paintings and mishima would sneak long glances at a painting of st. sebastian’s death whenever he could for a little sexual pleasure. now tom cruise becomes the very object of mishima’s desire.


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  1. 1 johnny

    I think that is a make-believe pretend computer picture.

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